Training & Development

You may have set a personal goal for yourself to earn a new certification, whether for professional recognition or personal achievement. Certifications you earn this way may be the most satisfying, as you are rewarding yourself for your own efforts.

Benefits of Training

There is always a need for a quality Mainframe professional in the industry. To become a quality Mainframe professional one needs quality Mainframe training. Though there are many aspects contributing to the best Mainframe Training, here we cover 5 important things which you should be aware of.

1.Real Time Experts

Not only for Mainframe Training, when you decide to join any software training , you must look at the quality of the trainer. The most important objective of joining Mainframe training is to get placement. Only a trainer who has real working experience can teach you with the concepts and real time examples that are practiced inside the industry. Real time training is very important to get a job. So Mainframe training given by Real time trainers will always have better quality than any other full time trainers.

2. Training On Live Mainframe servers

This is very vital buddy. Just a theoretical Mainframe training with fixed PPT does not help you at all. Training should be given on real Mainframe servers. Trainees should be allowed to practice and work on the live Mainframes. This is must because more you work practically the more knowledge you gain as far as Mainframe Training is concerned.

3. Best Materials.

Yes, this is important too. The materials given to you during the Mainframe training should have proper flow. They should cover all the important concepts used in the industry. The content has to cover the latest versions of the databases and tools.

4.Case Studies

A best training program should encourage active participation from the Trainees. A best Trainer alone cannot make Mainframe training as best. Training plan should motivate the cooperation of trainees. Trainees should be given real time Mainframe case studies. Real time case studies will give practical
development experience to the trainees. This will be very helpful for the trainees when they go for interviews.

5. Clear Plan for Training Program

There ought to be a clear plan for the training program. It should be given to the trainees on the initial days of their training. By looking at the Training plan, you will get to know which topic is covered on which day. This will not only help you to prepare and study during the training, it will so give you the complete flow of the training program. You will know where you are heading to.

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